What Exactly Is Whey Protein?

Curds and Whey

A lot of people would have heard the phrase “Curds and Whey” but its interesting the amount of people that dont realise the link between Whey Protein and this phrase until somebody mentions it. Whey protein is the name for various globular proteins that can be isolated from whey which is a by product of cheese which usually comes from cow’s milk.

What types of Whey Protein are there?

Whey protein typically comes in two major forms: Concentrate and Isolate.

Whey Protein contains a low level of fat and cholesterol which makes good supplement for anyone who might want to fit a low fat food into their diet.

Whey Protein concentrate usually contains some whey protein isolate mixed in. The main difference between the two is whey protein isolate is more expensive compared to the concentrate.

The main difference in price is due to the isolate being more higher quality and having a larger biological value compared to the concentrate alternative. The percentage for isolate is usually between 92% to 97% protein with the concentrate being anything between 75% to 85%.

The decision on choosing a product is upto personal preference, a lot of people involved with bodybuilding have varied views on which they think is best with concentrate being very popular and effective and isolate being more higher quality.

The difference in protein content between the two is not huge and based on protein content usually works out to be cost effective for either which one you decide to be suitable for your needs

Where do I get Whey protein?

There are a lot of Whey Protein products available on the market ranging in different prices and flavours. You can usually find a lot of whey protein supplements at your local health store or at your local gym. Personally I have found this best value for money deals to be on the internet where you can find the most competitive prices and value for money

What are the uses for Whey Protein?

There are a wide amount of uses for Whey protein, most people who tend to use whey Protein Suppliments are people who are involved with increased physical activity such as weight lifting or sports. Studies have shown that with increased physical activity and exercise the demand for protein is increased, a large portion of muscle tissue is made up of protein hence the increased use of whey protein in sports such as bodybuilding.

Whey Protein to help your bodies natural defenses?

There have been studies that have shown Whey Protein can be used to help prevent cancer along with helping the immune system be more effective. There have been many reports by individuals that having extra protein in their diet has given them more energy and help to recover from exercise.

Whey Protein in Dieting?

As Whey protein is low in fat and easy to stomach many people who look towards having calorie controlled diets choose whey protein as an good resource for their protein. With the various flavours that are available whey protein has become a great addition to people who look towards losing weight and dieting.

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