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“Nothing But the Truth” tells the story of two brothers, of sibling rivalry, of exile, of memory and reconciliation, of the perplexities of freedom.
“The past will always be a powerful presence in the present. We must never forget, but this does not mean that we must cling to the past, and wrap it around us, and live for it. We only look back in the past in order to have a better understanding of our present. This is one of the greatest lessons of “Nothing But the Truth.””–Zakes Mda
John Kani joined the Serpent Players in Port Elizabeth in 1965, and helped create many plays that went unpublished but were performed to a resounding reception. These were followed by the more famous “Sizwe Bansi is Dead” and “The Island,” co-written with Athol Fugard and Winston Ntshona, in the early 1970s. “Nothing But the Truth” marks his debut as sole playwright.


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