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This rich range of poems from various places and times, from established poets, or writers new on the scene, encourages engaged reading, as well as learners’ own writing. In addition to the poems, Voice of the Land contains the following features:

  • An introduction providing background on the poems and the themes present throughout the collection
  • Short biographies telling the life story and explaining the work of each poet
  • Glossary Notes defining new words and phrases in each poem
  • Notes on the poems that assist learners with the analyses of the more difficult poems, provide background information on the poetry and suggest creative ideas for individual, pair, group and class work, as well as further research
  • A glossary of literary terms, which defines and provides examples of literary terms found throughout the collection
  • Exam-style questions for learners to do in preparation for their final exam; with suggested answers to check their progress
  • Suggestions for further reading – learners and teachers will be able to read more about the poets and their work.


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