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Solutions for all Map Skills is an exciting,
CAPS-aligned guide for Grades 10 to 12 learners taking Geography. Its content has been developed by teachers and trainers who have an intimate knowledge of learners’ difficulties when dealing with the geographical skills and techniques section in the CAPS curriculum.
To become a truly skilled geographer, learners need a lot of practice in learning and applying geographical skills and techniques. These skills and techniques are a prominent part of the CAPS Geography curriculum and learners are required to be able to integrate and apply the following skills throughout the year:
• Mapwork skills and techniques
• 1:50 000 topographic maps
• Aerial photographs
• Orthophoto maps
• Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
• Atlas use and Fieldwork. Solutions for all Map Skills equips teachers with all the necessary tools to teach map skills with confidence.

Key features
Solutions for all Map Skills gives learners:
• A simple definition of what the topic is or what the topic is about.
• Clear, step-by-step explanation of how to master the skills associated with the topic.
• Useful tips.
• Exercises to practise these skills.
• Opportunities to apply these skills, integrated with the Geography topics covered by the CAPS curriculum, with some grade-specific assessment questions including sample exam papers.
• The ability to tackle the mapwork paper in the exam with absolute self-confidence.
• Sample questions with worked out answers.

Solutions for all Map Skills includes a DVD containing GIS materials, maps and photos to enhance the learning and teaching in this guide.


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