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  • Subject: Engineering & Science
  • Age:7+
  • Extent:32 pp
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781910684894

All About Light – From Lenses to Lasers: covers inventions for communicating, viewing and imaging – from ancient lighthouses lit by flames; through the first lenses for spectacles, microscopes and telescopes, and the development of the camera and movie projector; to X-rays, scanners and ultrasound, and sonar, radar and lasers.

  • Explains the origins of all kinds of technology and their workings, then and now.
  • Introduces some of the greatest inventors and their historical times.
  • Humorous approach with bright, amusing artwork and cartoon characters appearing throughout.
  •  A mixture of crazy and serious inventions to amuse as well as interest.

3D printing; 3D scanning; aerial photography; astronomy; CT scanners; Thomas Edison;lasers; light bulbs; magnifiers; photography; radio telescopes; radiography; satellite imaging; spectacles; speed checks; surveys; telescopes; X-rays


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