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This Study Work Guide has been compiled according to the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement of the Department of Basic Education for the prescribed text Onderwêreld for Grade 12 Home Language.

This guide will assist learners in their understanding of the text and their preparation for examinations. It assumes that learners have a copy of the prescribed text at hand as it refers to this text and supplements it with additional literary concepts applicable to the genre and more contextual questions according to cognitive levels.

It comprises in-depth discussions and contextual questions of each of the following:

  • Character list
  • Notes on Onderwêreld
  • Manifest of the hacker
  • Structure of Onderwêreld
  • Overview of Onderwêreld
  • Characteristics of a youth novel and questions
  • Author’s writing style
  • Intrigue
  • Narrator and perspective
  • Character and characterisation
  • Conflict
  • Milieu (time and space)
  • Themes and motifs
  • Chapter discussions with contextual questions
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Sluimerende grys selle, Polyfilla en ringtones
  • Chapter 2: Log File: Die dag voor die laaste skooljaar begin
  • Chapter 3: Boeke en Boggom
  • Chapter 4: Log File: Die Tonnel
  • Chapter 5: Die soektog en gerugte van selfmoord
  • Chapter 6: Log File: Lux hominum vita
  • Chapter 7: Die pion gooi sy toys uit die cot
  • Chapter 8: Log File: Onderwêreld
  • Chapter 9: Sleeping beauty kry dinge aan die roer
  • Chapter 10: Log file: Toets vir die idiote
  • Chapter 11: Twee foto’s
  • Chapter 12: Log File
  • Chapter 13: Teleurstellings en ontdekkings
  • Chapter 14: Log File: Die regte kant van die firewall
  • Chapter 15: Hulle weet
  • Chapter 16: Log File: Vakansie-fireworks
  • Chapter 17: Mankbeen-Maandag
  • Chapter 18: Log File: Social Engineering
  • Chapter 19: RAT
  • Chapter 20: Log File: Surfer dudes of surfer duds?
  • Chapter 21: Dok se files
  • Chapter 22: Log File: Nicole
  • Chapter 23: Project Nursery Rhyme
  • Chapter 24: Log File: Die berge in en om my
  • Chapter 25: Squeal
  • Chapter 26: Log File: Script kiddie
  • Chapter 27: Brute Force
  • Chapter 28: Log File: Ek wens ek was jy
  • Chapter 29: ? Skop in die family jewels
  • Chapter 30: Log File: Buzz
  • Chapter 31: Op soek na ’n plek wat mens tevrede laat voel met jouself
  • Chapter 32: Log File: Gedenking
  • Chapter 33: Eggo’s
  • Chapter 34: Log File: White hat/Black hat
  • Chapter 35: Die Regter
  • Epilogue
  • Contextual questions per chapter for preparation of exams (informal assessment)
  • Formal assessment
  • Literary essays
  • Tests
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Glossary of literary terms


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