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Pythagoras Grd. 10 CAPS  gives learners the opportunity to do many extra exercises. By doing extra work, your understanding and skills will improve immensely. It is, however, important to note that the book is meant to be supplementaryto your class work and textbook. The extra exercises will, however, help you to revise and prepare well for tests and examinations.

Four learning outcomes of the grade 10 syllabus are covered in the book. These learning outcomes (LO) are:

  • LO 1: Number and Number Relationships
  • LO 2: Functions and Algebra
  • LO 3: Space, Shape and Measurement
  • LO 4: Data handling and Probability

The first half of the book covers the 4 learning outcomes in different modules. Every module consists of:

  • A “Remember” part. This gives a summary of the most important theory and facts regarding the specific topic as well as a few worked examples.
  • Exercise A: These exercises contain easier problems concerning basic knowledge.
  • Exercise B: These exercises contain more difficult / challenging problems.
  • Test. Every module concludes with a test. This gives you a good opportunity to test yourself. The mark allocation is given for each question in the test.

The second half of the book contains complete worked solutions (answers) to every problem.


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