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We are very exited to announce that Fisichem Publishers again has a Mathematics study guide for Grade 8 on its shelves.  The authors, Lorraine van Niekerk and Katie Müller, are two young, dynamic and dedicated teachers who have produced an excellent study guide.  We look forward to Pythagoras 9 on which they are already working.

Pythagoras 8 is complementary to the learners class work and normal textbook by creating the opportunity to do extra exercises.  The exercises will help learners when they are doing revision and preparing for tests and examinations.

Each of the five learning outcomes and subsections, as prescribed in the CAPS document, are covered comprehensively in two or more modules.  Each module consists of four sections:

  • short discussion of the most important theory and typical examples.
  • Exercise A:  This exercise consists of simpler questions, to consolidate the learners’ knowledge.
  • Exercise B:  This exercise consists of more complex questions, to extend the learners’ knowledge.
  • Test:  Each module concludes with a test.  Learners should set themselves a time-restriction when doing these tests.  A good norm is 1 minute for every mark.

Please note:  Some modules also have an Exercise C.  This applies to the modules which contain a large amount of content and the aim is to cluster the work better so as to enhance understanding.

This book consists broadly out of four parts:

  • The short discussionexercises (questions) and test for each of the five learning outcomes and subsections form the first part of the book.
  • Directly after the former are three complete November examination papers.
  • Complete answers to the exercises (questions) and tests (with mark allocation) succeed the November examination papers.
  • After the answers of the exercises and tests are the memorandums (with mark allocation) of the examination papers.


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