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Jolly Phonics – Jolly Dictionary (Hardback Edition)


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Author/s: Sara Wernham, Sue Lloyd

Illustrated by Lib Stephen
The award-winning Jolly Dictionary complements the Jolly Grammar books and is designed to teach children how to look up and understand words they don’t know.
Teaching children how to use a dictionary will improve reading and writing, and help them become independent learners.


  • The dictionary has been colour coded into four sections,(matching the Jolly Phonics Alphabet poster)so that children are able to quickly find the words they are looking for.
  • A unique Pronunciation Guide is given for each of the 6,000+ age-appropriate words.
  • The definitions have been carefully written so that children find them easy to read and understand.
  • The Jolly Dictionary is also beautifully illustrated throughout and features Inky, Bee and Snake.


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