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Gigo Junior Engineer Heavy Vehicles 120pcs


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Six-sided assembly enables most variations in 3D concept.

In this series, the cube is the main component with the best dimension for children’s figures. Six-sided assembly makes it quick to assemble and take apart using just a slight twist.

This not only provides an easy access for children to learn the concept of 3D spaces and relation between blocks but also improves children’s cognitive and creative abilities.

Creatively themed blocks can inspire creativity and imagination in children. Imagine you were at a construction site with various missions to accomplish. Build your own squad and start now, including Bulldozer, Dump Truck, Deep Plow, Cement Truck, Crane Truck, Road Roller, Fork Lift Truck, Excavator, Tow Truck and Tower Crane, even more from your own creation!

Easy-to-manipulate encourages children to imagine and create freely.  10 commonly seen engineering vehicles are specially designed with a patented joint that allows slight adjustment for arm and active play.

Age: 3+

Size: 15L x 15W x 29.5H cm


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