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Zingo! Sight Words brings young children the fun of the classic game of bingo while they learn to recognize sight words. Players learn to quickly read these important, commonly used words that don’t always “sound out” easily, such as that and our. The interactive Zinger! machine lets your child slide the dispenser to release two word tiles, recognize and read the words, then see if the words match the squares on their word card. The first player to fill all the squares on their card with tiles is the winner.

Bingo-Style Game Gives Beginning Readers a Boost

Players choose one of the six double-sided Zingo! cards and begin filling the squares as the Zingo! Zinger dispenses word tiles. Each card has nine word squares, and the player who matches the word to their card gets the tile. The first player to fill his or her card is the winner.

Graphic Cues Help Identify Common Words

The game’s Zingo! cards use graphics to cue players to the meaning of the words before they are able to recognize and read them. An “x” marks the spot for “here,” a downward arrow points “in,” a speech bubble surrounds “said,” and a little figure waves for “me.” Other squares have colorful patterns of stripes, checks, and shapes to pair with the sight words, adding some pizzazz to these critical words for reading.

Easy enough for children to play by themselves

The Zinger! slider chooses the next tile to be played. The slider is built with large, easily grasped parts, so kids can operate it themselves while exercising their motor skills. Once children learn to play the game, it’s simple enough for them to play together without an adult.

Helps Young Readers Learn Basic Words

Sight words are the most frequently used words in the English language, making up about 50 – 75 percent of all writing. Our daily information is filled with basic words that readers take for granted. Unlike other words, sight words often can’t be “sounded out” phonetically and have to be learned through visual memory, which can be frustrating to kids. Learning and mastering sight words is an important step in becoming a successful, fluent reader. The sight words used in Zingo! Sight Words have been named by leading educators as the most fundamental for reading development.

What’s in the Box

72 Zingo! sight words tiles, six double-sided Zingo! cards, Zingo! Zinger card dispenser, instructions, and learning guide.





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