Pelican natural sciences grade – 7


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Pelican Natural Sciences is an integrated curriculum developed for Senior Phase learners. It has been specially designed in conjugation with the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), keeping in view the needs of a developing mind. rn It aims at a holistic development of the learners, breaking fresh grounds by encapsulating packages of knowledge and presenting them in a logical order. rn Distinctive divisions of each chapter break the information into smaller manageable and easily remembered bytes.rn Key Features are:rnrn Step-by-step instructions have been provided for investigation, background readings, safety notes, discussion and questions, directions for lab activities, glossary and exercise.rn All core Science areas – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Space Science have been extensively covered.rn Activity-based learning centers around investigating and exploring Science.rn The text is lucid and comprehensive that allows learners to connect Science with their everyday lives.rn Special features like schematic representation of the chapters, lab activities, assessments and web-links help learners understand Science in a better way.rn An extensive Teacher’s Guide.


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