The Physics Handbook & Study Guide


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Grades: 11 & 12 (IEB)

Publisher: Berlut Books cc

Author: Kevin Smith

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780620348416

Edition: 1ST – October 2020

Audience: Schools (IEB)/Libraries


A comprehensive summary of Grade 11 & 12 Physics. Simple, logical summaries with example exam questions and work through solutions. Covers the fundamentals of Grade 11 & 12 Physics and complements the material in any class text.


  • Over 4000 marks of exam level questions with worked through solutions.
  • Contains actual IEB exam questions.
  • May be used in the classroom or for independent home study.
  • A concise yet comprehensive guide that will assist you in realising your full potential in Physical Science.


  • Provides your students with a comprehensive summary of the Grade 11 and 12 IEB curriculum.
  • An invaluable teaching tool – eliminates the need to photocopy additional notes and the laborious task of separating questions into specific sections.
  • Written according to the IEB SAGS, avoiding the need to supplement and remove DBE content for your students.
  • Exam level questions with worked through solutions

Table of Contents

Physics Data Sheet; Equations and Graphs of Motion; Forces and Newtons Laws; Vectors; Momentum and Energy; Electric Circuits, Electrostatics; Electromagnetism; Photons and Electrons

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