Chemistry Handbook & Study Guide (2024) – 9781990992360


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A comprehensive summary of Grade 11 & 12 Physics. Simple, logical summaries with example exam questions and work through solutions. Covers the fundamentals of Grade 11 & 12 Physics and complements the material in any class text.


Over 4000 marks of exam level questions with worked through solutions.
Contains actual IEB exam questions.
May be used in the classroom or for independent home study.
A concise yet comprehensive guide that will assist you in realising your full potential in Physical Science.


Provides your students with a comprehensive summary of the Grade 11 and 12 IEB curriculum.
An invaluable teaching tool – eliminates the need to photocopy additional notes and the laborious task of separating questions into specific sections.
Written according to the IEB SAGS, avoiding the need to supplement and remove DBE content for your students.
Exam level questions with worked through solutions
Table of Contents

Chemistry Data Sheet, Physics Definitions, Quantitative Chemistry and Bonding, Chemical Change, Acids and Bases, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry


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