Solutions for all Coding and Robotics Grade 2 Workbook


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Solutions for all Coding and Robotics is a brand new series developed by Macmillan Education in partnership with pioneering and immersive educators, Digital Schoolhouse. The titles are based on the
Department of Basic Education’s Coding and Robotics draft curriculum. The series teaches learners digital skills to prepare them for life in the 21st century. The delivered curriculum ensures that they have sound
foundations for a range of formal qualifications and future workplaces by developing seven strands for Foundation Phase: patterns and problems, algorithms, data, hardware and software, digital skills, programming and robotics, and digital citizenship.

These strands are dealt with in themes that catch the learners’ interest while simultaneously covering all five content areas of the draft curriculum, namely:
• Pattern recognition and problem-solving
• Algorithms and coding
• Robotic skills
• Internet and communication skills
• Application skills.

Key features:
• Computational thinking
• Accessible and practical ideas for teaching and learning
• Online safety skills for behaving responsibly
• Methods to use technology productively
• Key skills to work with images, text, data, coding, robotics and programming
• Downloadable digital resources
• A teacher’s development programme.


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