Cambridge Grammar and Writing Skills Learner’s Book 7


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Subject(s):First Language English
Qualification:Cambridge Primary
Author(s):Mike Gould, Eoin Higgins
Available from:May 2019

Introduce your learners to creative writing and writing for a purpose. They’ll write an urban myth and a report of a school play, helping build their extended writing skills as they progress through the units. Each unit focuses on a different text type such as dialogue, reports or instructions. Model texts in each chapter show learners good examples of each writing type and specific activities help them practise grammar typical of the genre. Learners work individually and collaboratively, developing skills such as creative thinking, planning, drafting, peer evaluation and editing.

1. Narrating my life – Diary
2. Creating suspense – Suspense story
3. Sending a message – Letter
4. Once upon a time … – Urban myth/modern fairy tale
5. Verse animals – Descriptive poem
6. Exploring biographies – Biography
7. Travelling rhymes – Ballad
8. Over to our reporter – Report
9. School tales – Short story
10. Strange settings – Fantasy
11. Describing an event – News report
12. Playing a part – Play

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