Cambridge International AS & A Level Psychology Second edition Digital Coursebook (2 years) – DIGITAL


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    • ISBN:9781009152457
    • Format:eBooks
    • Subject(s):Psychology
    • Qualification:Cambridge AS and A Level
    • Author(s):Kirsty White, Lizzie Gauntlett, Jonathan Firth
    • Available from:June 2022

    New editions of Cambridge International AS & A Level Psychology to support the revised syllabus for examination from 2024.


This digital teacher’s resource is designed to help teachers use the series in the most effective way, bridging the gap between teaching theory and practice. It helps teachers support their learners, plan great lessons and teach to the syllabus. The resource contains explanations for key ideas and approaches, such as active learning, with guidance to help teachers incorporate these techniques into their teaching and reflect on the outcomes. There are also a variety of active lesson ideas with timings, tips and support for assessment for learning.


  • Key concepts in psychology
  • Issues and debates at AS Level
  • 1. Research methods
  • 2. Biological approach
  • 3. Cognitive approach
  • 4. Learning approach
  • 5. Social approach
  • Issues and debates at A Level
  • Research methods at A Level
  • 6. Clinical psychology
  • 7. Consumer psychology
  • 8. Psychology and health
  • 9. Psychology and organisations.


  • For each topic there are a variety of active lesson ideas, plenary and reflection tips, and differentiation support
  • A topic teaching plan at the beginning of each chapter summarises the number of lessons each topic will take and provides time-saving links to specific support in other resources.
  • Activity ideas include suggestions for hinge questions to support assessment for learning
  • Includes common student misconceptions to assist planning, troubleshooting and devising hinge questions
  • A skills grid provides a mapping document for the learning objectives
  • Includes guidance on how to use the series and support with teaching strategies. Teaching notes include background knowledge, ideas for lesson starters, main activities and plenaries
  • Provides guidance for project work
  • Includes advice on how to support English as a second language learners
  • Professional development guidance is provided for key teaching approaches: active learning, assessment for learning, metacognition, differentiation, cross-curricular learning and project work, questioning and feedback techniques, language awareness, skills for life, with challenges for teachers to use in their teaching in the context of the syllabus/scientific topics and reflect upon
  • This digital teacher’s resource provides access to everything needed to plan teaching. Each file can be downloaded to deliver a specific unit or lesson – rather than relying on internet connection. Cambridge GO is simple to navigate and resources can be collated into a ‘My Resources’ collection.


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