Weimar and Nazi Germany

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Depend on SHP’s comprehensive and best-selling core texts to enrich your understanding of A Level History.

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– clear and penetrating narrative – comprehensively explaining the content required for the exam
– thought provoking and relevant activities that explore the content and help students think analytically about the subject
– thorough exam preparation through carefully designed tasks that address the distinctive requirements of A Level history including guidance in essay writing and source-based investigations.
– a wide range of revision strategies including structured content summaries

Additional features include:
– A focus route pathway for independent learners
– Learning Trouble Spots – which address common misunderstandings
– diagrammatic summaries of key areas of content and historical issues
– accessible summaries of recent historical debates.
– active learning approaches, including decision-making exercises

Weimar and Nazi Germany
This title is a comprehensive core text investigating the history of Germany from the foundation of the Weimar Republic in 1918 to the collapse of the Nazi regime in 1945. It covers all the exam modules on twentieth-century Germany.

Major themes include:

– Why Weimar democracy failed

– How Hitler rose to power

– How the Nazi regime affected people in Germany

– The successes and failures of Nazi foreign policy.


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