The European Dictatorships

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The European dictatorships provides a well-balanced account of the three main European dictatorships in the period 1919-45. Allan Todd explores Stalinism, Fascism and Nazism in detail, dealing with the establishment and maintenance of power, the nature of party and state rule, the distribution of power, the purpose and impact of social and economic policies, opposition, and the significance of foreign policy and war. Comparisons and contrasts between the dictatorships are also highlighted. Using a wide range of primary sources, this book deals with the main historical and interpretive issues of this subject in an accessible way.

  • The AS textbooks are ideal for students who have never studied the history of these periods before. they provide detailed background information on the period studied, and include notes explaining key terms, lists of significant dates, and focus questions to consolidate learning.
  • All of the AS titles have been endorsed by OCR for use with their AS specification for history, and several of the titles will also be appropriate for Edexcel and AQA study units.
  • Many of the books include a seperate document section, where students can study and evaluate a range of source material.
  • Shorter themed books explore particular topics in greater depth. The topics examined can be linked with the period covering foundation texts, providing students and teachers with flexibillity in structuring A Level courses.
  • 1. Dictatorship and Totalitarianism
  • 2. From Leninism to Stalinism, 1919–1928
  • 3. Stalin’s ‘Revolution from above
  • 4. The Stalinist state
  • 5. The rise of Italian Fascism, 1919–1925
  • 6. The corporate state, 1925–1939
  • 7. Weimar and the rise of Nazism, 1919–1933
  • 8. The Nazi ‘revolution’, 1933–1939
  • 9. Consolidating and maintaining the Nazi dictatorship, 1933–1939
  • 10. Comparisons and contrasts.


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