Acai, The Amazing Berry

Scientists are kept together by an astonishing petite berry from the Brazilian rain woods in which they are to stay keen and observe.It’s known as the acai berry (ah-sigh-ee). The major innovation of this fruit is possibly the evident aptitude to fight cancer which in laboratory investigation confirms that it’s sap has even exterminated leukemia cells.

Being a cautious lot, scientists are as yet unwilling to claim any successes. They have discovered, however, that when these cancer cells die, they release an enzyme. When an acai sample is introduced, a majority of these cells do actually begin to die, and, at that time, the enzyme is present.

The next phase of this product is going to be tested on humans with clinical conditions. It will begin but the results wont be shared for awhile. Lot’s of claims have been made about using acai berry juice in their diet as a supplement, which included lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and other benefits.

For sure, Brazilians have traditionally used the acai berry in their every day diets. It is well known for use against skin conditions and anything to do with digestive tract disorders. One of the biggest plusses for this juice is the energy giving properties which in turn will help to lower weight or at least to maintain a steady weight. Although scientists will not confirm or deny these apparent benefits, anecdotal information can only suggest that there are many benefits to be had from taking acai berry in any one of the several forms that it is now available in.

Wonder food? Is there anything one has to lose? It is advisable that we regularly take plenty of fruits and vegetables in our diets. Acai berry has made it easy to achieve the best. These products have different concentrations and so one has to be keen before making the final purchasing decision.

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