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From Orchard Toys, these large, double-sided flashcards are perfect to help very young children develop early reading and number skills. Each card shows a brightly coloured illustration on one side, with the matching word written clearly underneath. On the back of each card is the word on its own, with no picture. Very young children will enjoy just naming the items in the picture, and you can add to their vocabulary skills by asking them questions about what they see: what colour is the apple? What sound does a duck make? which butterfly is green? They will get used to seeing the written word underneath the picture, and parents can help by pointing out the word and breaking down the spelling. Eventually children will recognise the word without the picture, and you can show them the back of the cards to see if they can work out what the word is, and therefore the picture on the other side. Older children can also try to copy the words, and to look out for the letters in their own name. Children also enjoy sorting games, so you can ask them to find all the animal cards, or all the cards with food on. As well as helping with their literacy skills, some of the cards show numbers of things (‘six pencils’, ‘five butterflies’), so they can practise their counting skills. Aimed at children aged 3 and over, even younger children will find plenty to enjoy with these brightly coloured cards.