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Block by Block

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There are only seven pieces in this puzzle, so it should be easy. Right? Guess again! Sixty puzzle cards show 60 three-dimensional structures for players to replicate using the seven pieces. Each of the pieces, based on three or four connected cubes, is unique. One is an L shape, another a T, and they get more complicated from there. If a player is stumped and can’t figure out how to build the Long Wall, the Snake, or the Bad Dog, there are helpful clues on the back of the cards. Players also can use the pieces to invent their own structures. Originally known as the Soma Cube, Block by Block is an excellent way to develop and refine spatial perception skills. Includes drawstring bag for storage.

  • Sixty mind challenge cards with hints and solutions
  • Five brick pieces
  • Game-go storage bag
  • Builds on player?s architectural skills as they combine seven puzzle pieces to construct up to sixty 3D structures
  • For ages 8 years and above

Age 8+

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